ACC Policy

The original intent of ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) was as a universal, 24 hour, no-fault system for accident compensation and support. NZ was hailed as a world leader in the field (community responsibility; comprehensive entitlement; complete rehabilitation; real compensation; and administrative efficiency). Everyone paid a bit and everyone was covered.

Today however, government treats ACC like a cash cow, taking in the money and denying as many people access to the support they need, as they possibly can. Today ACC is a multi-billion dollar entity. 

MANA policy priorities are to: 

Keep ACC in public ownership 

  • Halt any move to partial/full private ownership
  • Stop the contracting of ACC claims to private companies
  • Use ACC funds for ACC claims and use surpluses to keep levies as low as possible
  • Bring ACC under the Ministry of Health 

Ensure everyone gets the cover they’re entitled to 

  • Remove barriers that deny and limit access to compensation and support
  • Ensure those with work-related injuries, disease, or infections get full cover
  • Stop ACC using ‘pre-existing conditions or age’ as an excuse to withdraw support
  • Make ACC entitlement a right, and force ACC to prove reasons to deny it 

Ensure ACC claimants get the best service and advice possible 

  • Ensure ACC treats all claimants with respect and dignity
  • Ensure all clients receive quality medical access and resources 

Enable claimants stay on ACC until they’re better 

  • Make ACC provide cover as long as an injury affects a person’s ability to work
  • Enable claimants stay on ACC until they’re better rather than force them off to save money
  • Provide quality rehabilitation to all claimants
  • Stop the use of privatised work capacity tests to force people off ACC
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