He tapu tā te wahine, he tapu ano tā te tane
He tino taonga ngā tamariki

Ahakoa ngā pēhitanga me ngā taimahatanga o te ao
Mā te mahi ngātahi a te wahine me te tane
ka ora ai te mokopuna, te whānau, te iwi me te hāpori whānui hoki

Me mutu te patu wahine, te patu tamariki, te whakahāwea tangata
Engari me aroha tētahi ki tētahi

The whānau is the most significant unit in Aotearoa. When our whānau are well, Aotearoa is well. When our whānau are not well, the whole of our society suffers.

Family Harm (also known as domestic violence) impacts on our most vulnerable; children and mums are beaten and traumatised, home and school life is disrupted, relationships within whānau are severely tested and often broken, and whānau are forced to deal with the fear of retribution if they choose to go to the authorities.

Young Māori and Pasifika men are the ones who cause most harm to whānau, the ones most likely to be arrested and jailed for domestic violence, and there is an urgent need to deal with the reasons behind their violence.

But because of the poor levels of funding for programmes to address whānau harm, not only is the problem growing, reoffending has also become an ugly reality to deal with. 

MANA is committed to making the health and wellbeing of our children and our whānau a priority 

MANA calls for greater levels of funding:

  • to provide pro-active whānau based services and support programmes
  • to support the work being done by women's safe houses (Refuges) to care for battered women and children
  • to teach good parenting skills and healthy respectful relationships that build positive whānau
  • to develop Hui Tane, where men can work with other men to reduce family harm in ways that fit with their own cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and Whare Tane where men can go to, or be referred to, where they can deal with the stresses that trigger family harm
  • to identify and rollout positive education, counselling and rehabilitation programmes to address the immediacy of whānau harm
  • to support television and radio programming that promote good values and tikanga that help whānau deal with problems
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