Founding Principles

Mea nei NGĀ KAUPAPA MATUA O TE AO MĀORI hei whakamarama i te huarahi o MANA. These are THE FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES OF THE MĀORI WORLD; they help explain the road that MANA has chosen.

MANA  ATUA is  the  recognition  of  the  role  of  the  Māori  Gods  in  the  everyday  lives  of  Māori people.  It  affirms  our  descent  from  those  gods,  and  connects  us  to  Papatūānuku  below  and Ranginui above

MANA WHENUA defines who we are by the land we occupy through ancestral claim; it defines our turangawaewae, our place to stand, our place to belong.

MANA TUPUNA is the bridge which links us to our ancestors. It helps to define our heritage, to understand from whom we descend, and what our obligations are to those around us and those who come after us. It includes concepts such as mana tangata, mana wahine and mana tamariki

RANGATIRATANGA is the concept of leadership which includes humility, generosity, diplomacy, knowledge and a willingness to listen, to learn and to share. Rangatiratanga is also an expression of rights of Mana Atua, Mana Tupuna, Mana Whenua.

WHANAUNGATANGA is the principle of kinship and relationships which is the basis of whanau, hapū and iwi. It binds individuals to the wider group, and affirms the value of the collective.

MANAAKITANGA is the concept of recognising the mana of others as having equal or greater importance than one’s own. It helps to build unity through humility and the act of giving.

KOTAHITANGA Māori have a saying - my strength is not that of the individual, but that of the multitudes. Kotahitanga is the unity of purpose and direction.

KAITIAKITANGA  is  the  spiritual  and  cultural  guardianship  of  our  world,  the  welfare  of  our people, and the active care for our environment.

TE REO The Māori Language is the cornerstone of all that is Māori. Without it we are lessened as individuals, and weakened as a nation.

With those principles to guide us, MANA will work with anyone to:

Make TE TIRITI o WAITANGI  the cornerstone of our country’s constitution

Guarantee the protection and growth of TE REO MĀORI

ELIMINATE the RACISM that keeps Māori as third-class citizens in our own land

STOP THE SALE OF AOTEAROA and "keep Māori land in Māori hands"


CANCEL GST on everything, because it unfairly targets the poor

FEED THE KIDS - immediately and unconditionally

HOUSE THE HOMELESS and free up housing through the use of a capital gains tax

Support FREE EDUCATION for all

Provide FREE HEALTH CARE for everyone under 18


Create EMPLOYMENT that helps people rebuild their communities and their sense of self-worth

Change the focus of SOCIAL SUPPORT from attacking the poor to helping those in need

CLEAN UP OUR WORLD so that our mokopuna get a better world than the one we have 

Volunteer Koha
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