Secure, healthy and affordable housing should be the right of every citizen, but the last 30 years has seen the privatisation of state housing, eviction of state tenants, and homelessness reaching critical levels never before seen in Aotearoa, with whanau living in dire, inadequate, substandard, overcrowded, or unsafe accommodation – particularly Maori and Pasifika families who are disproportionately over-represented in the statistics of homelessness and poor housing. 

MANA is calling for a reversal of the privatisation agenda, and government recommitment to a comprehensive state housing building programme of 10,000 houses each year for low-income whānau, until the housing crisis is over.  

MANA is also calling for a ban on foreigners buying existing houses, and a rigorous capital gains tax to force speculators to sell excess houses, thus putting tens of thousands of houses into the market, forcing the price of houses down and enabling first home buyers to get a home.  

MANA also supports an increase in funding for papakainga homes, housing repair in poor rural communities, and the construction of more energy efficient and sustainable homes in the future.  

MANA policy priorities are:  

Housing for First Home Buyers 

  • Make foreigners build new homes rather than be allowed to buy existing houses
  • Impose a rigorous capital gains tax to force speculators to sell excess houses 

Both of these initiatives will put tens of thousands of houses into the market immediately -  forcing the price of houses down; allowing first home buyers to purchase a home; enabling the government to concentrate on building houses for low-income whānau  

State housing 

  • Make Housing NZ a government department again rather than a state-owned enterprise
  • Return full responsibility for housing allocations and construction to HNZ
  • Stop the sale of state houses and eviction of tenants
  • Build 10,000 new homes each year for low-income whānau until the housing crisis is over
  • Ensure high standards of energy efficiency, construction and design in new housing
  • Keep state rentals at 25% of tenants income
  • Where possible, progress all state tenants into home ownership
  • Restore the Māori Trade Training Programme to rebuild the construction workforce
  • Initiate bonded scholarships in town planning and associated infrastructure areas  

Māori housing 

  • Allow Māori to return to their papakainga without having their benefits cut
  • Increase funding and access for Māori to build on Māori land
  • Provide no deposit, low-interest loans for Māori first home buyers
  • Allow whānau to capitalise child benefits or use Kiwisaver as a first home deposit  

Rural housing 

  • Increase funding and access for rural housing improvement programmes
  • Increase funding for rural sewerage, water, roading, and other infrastructure
  • Allow sale of state houses to Īwi/community where new housing replaces existing stock
  • Ensure Councils spend high needs funding in needs areas  

Home ownership 

  • Allow families to capitalise on child benefits
  • Allow families to use Kiwisaver or low-interest loans as a first home deposit
  • Ensure 50% of new housing estates are affordable homes  

Private rentals 

  • Develop an income rent control system for the private sector
  • Introduce a ‘warrant of fitness’ for all rental housing

Housing support agencies 

  • Increase funding for women’s refuges, emergency and special health/social needs housing
  • Establish an independent Tenancy Protection Agency
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