Talofa lava, kia orana, malo e lelei, fakaalofa lahi atu, bula vinaka, malo ni, halo ola keta, mauri, fakatalofa atu, alofa.

Pasifika Peoples are a vital part of a thriving Aotearoa.  MANA supports the goal of Pasifika Peoples to flourish in Aotearoa while retaining their unique cultures and languages.

More needs to be done to ensure all Pasifika families and communities enjoy a decent standard of living and have every opportunity to succeed in education and employment.  More also needs to be done to give Pasifika Peoples a secure place in Aotearoa and to enable them to return to their home islands upon reaching retirement age.

MANA policy priorities are to:

  • Enable Pasifika Peoples to have a secure place in Aotearoa
    • Introduce a full amnesty for Pasifika overstayers.
    • Introduce an open-entry policy for Pasifika Peoples who want to live in New Zealand, as is currently in place for Australian citizens.
    • Increase funding for te reo Māori programmes in homes and in the community to enable them to be much more widely available, including to Pasifika Peoples.
    • Raise the wellbeing of Pasifika Peoples in Aotearoa
      • Develop and invest in a Pasifika-focused drive in education to raise achievement levels, and which includes raising the literacy of adult learners.
      • Include a Pasifika-focused strategy in all job creation policies to increase employment and raise family incomes to a living wage.
      • Ensure Pasifika families have equitable access to state housing and those provided by the community housing sector.
      • Encourage “unity in diversity” amongst Pasifika Peoples living in Aotearoa.
      • Support the retention of Pasifika cultures and languages in Aotearoa
        • Introduce a Pacific Islands television channel (PiTV).
        • Increase the availability of Pasifika languages in schools, and in the community through the use of translations.
        • Assist Pasifika Peoples to retire to their home islands
          • Enable Pasifika Peoples to retire to their home islands with NZ Superannuation without having to return to Aotearoa every six months.
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