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I tūturu te Mana Māori motuhake ki Aotearoa, i raro ki Te Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni, i waitohuhia i te tau 1835. Nā te waitohutanga o Te Tiriti o Waitangi i te tau 1840, ka tukuna i tētahi kawana rerekē mō tēnei whenua, ērangi ka ū tonu ki te Mana Maori Motuhake e mōhiotia nei, ko te Tino Rangatiratanga. 

Te Whakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni, signed in 1835, is New Zealand’s Declaration of the Independence, and firmly establishes the sovereign authority of Maori in Aotearoa. Te Tiriti o Waitangi, signed in 1840, allows for a different governance regime for the country but also recognises and validates Maori sovereignty as “tino rangatiratanga”. 

Those founding documents provide the guideline for protecting our nation’s sovereignty and safeguarding our natural resources, public assets, cultural and intellectual knowledge and jobs. 

MANA supports the termination of all negotiations for free trade and investment agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the re-negotiation of all existing agreements, that have an adverse impact on “tino rangatiratanga” and the wider sovereignty of the people and the parliament of Aotearoa. 

Trade and investment agreements must: 

  • Be consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and other international covenants on human rights, employment conditions, the environment and the wellbeing of children and women.
  • Satisfy a Te Tiriti o Waitangi impact assessment and approval from mana whenua
  • Not undermine the sovereignty and domestic laws of Aotearoa
  • Get independent economic, health, human rights and environmental impact assessments
  • Receive full public disclosure and be made available for wide public consultation
  • Go through the full parliamentary select committee process of consultation and review
  • Include assessment on the impact of agreements with South Pacific countries
  • Not confer monopoly rights over the use and distribution of knowledge
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