Aotearoa has become a little like a big American city – pouring more and more into major roadworks to provide for more and more cars and trucks on our roads, and doing less and less for sustainable public transport.

And while we recognise the importance that private cars have in the lifestyles of our citizens that does not change the fact that we need to be considering a better future for our transport - particularly given the reality that fuel prices will continue to rise so people will need to have affordable alternatives to running vehicles.

Investing in public transport is much more cost-effective than building ever more roads, and has the added bonus of generating new jobs and employment opportunities in local communities 

MANA supports the development of environmentally sustainable public transport systems for people and goods 

MANA also supports making integrated public transport options affordable and user-friendly in major population centres, to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, reduce traffic congestion 

MANA policy priorities are to: 

Return the nation’s transport infrastructure to state ownership

  • Return the nation’s transport infrastructure (road, rail, airline, and ports) to state ownership
  • Integrate port management with revamped rail networks
  • Reduce heavy trucks on our roads by legislating in favour of rail
  • Develop the nation’s infrastructure to suit public transport 

Develop affordable and user-friendly public transport systems

  • Develop free, integrated public transport in all major population centres
  • Develop affordable and reliable public transport in rural areas
  • Improve consultation with iwi and the community in infrastructure planning, decision making
  • Make Air NZ spend its profits on rebuilding and growing its regional networks 

Develop environmentally sustainable public transport systems

  • Timeline the transition of public transport to low-carbon, electricity and biofuel models
  • Promote the use and development of walkways and cycle lanes 

Uphold transport safety standards and workers’ rights

  • Improve transport worker safety through strategic safety campaigns and new technology
  • Uphold the rights of migrant transport workers, including those in the maritime industry
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