Ko te wai he taonga tuku iho e whakamanatia i roto i ngā pepeha, ngā karakia, ngā whakapapa, ngā waiata, ngā pūrākau o tēna hapū, o tēna Īwi.

Wai (water) is essential for the life, health and wellbeing of all living things. Water is also an important resource for the people, plant life, farming, industry, recreation, cultural ceremonies and power generation in Aotearoa. The mauri, (the vitality of the life force) and sustainability of water is constantly being threatened and eroded by pollution and over consumption. 

When Moana Jackson says “every tribe has a river” he reminds us of Māori rights to water.

 And when Kiwis of all persuasions pay $1.30 for the same amount of water overseas companies pay 0.003 cents for, it means we are paying them to rip us off, and our government is making us do it.

  • MANA believes that safeguarding the integrity of our water sources is a major priority
  • MANA supports the vesting of the ownership of water in Māori hands
  • MANA supports Māori holding the power of veto over water rights allocation
  • MANA supports the right of hapu and Īwi to protect water quality in their rohe 

MANA supports the establishment of a Water Commission (with equal representation from Māori and the community) to:

  • oversee the safeguarding the integrity of our freshwater sources
  • protect the sustainability and quality of freshwater for the wellbeing of all
  • protect freshwater for future generations
  • impose and monitor a moratorium on the allocation of freshwater across the country
  • develop a comprehensive freshwater policy
  • oversee regional management of freshwater use
  • manage water locally, with public good the priority over commercial use
  • ensure that every Kiwi gets clean drinking water for free
  • ensure commercial users of freshwater pay for the water they use
  • manage a dedicated fund to clean up the pollution and degradation in our rivers  

MANA supports hapu and Īwi working with councils and community groups to:

  • monitor aquifers and waterways in their rohe to ensure the mauri of the water is maintained
  • ensure the filtering of stormwater runoff
  • encourage the use of domestic water tanks to alleviate pressure on freshwater sources
  • encourage and increase riparian planting along all waterways
  • treat all wastewater through land based filters rather than send it into waterways or the sea
  • ban the use of toxic chemical sprays along all waterways 

MANA supports the repeal of the Marine and Coastal Area Act (Takutai Moana)

  • a system of tūpuna title with covenants for public access to beaches
  • an absolute ban on fracking, and deep sea oil exploration and drilling
  • cleaner alternatives to deep sea oil such as tidal power
  • restoring the right to protest against harmful marine-based activities
  • compensation for breaches of customary rights under Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • levies to cover the cost of cleaning up pollution
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